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Main Street's latest album

Main Street Blues latest album - Fading to blue is now available in CD form or as a download. 


Track listing:

1. Before the Bullets Fly (Warren Haynes)

2. Cold Bed (Derek Smith)

3. Got a Broken Heart (Walter Trout)

4. Tin Pan Alley (Bob Geddins)

5. All Your Love (I Miss Loving) (Otis Rush)

6. Fade To Blue (Bill Perry)

7. Old Love (Eric Clapton & Robert Cray) 

8. Black Cat Bone (Albert Collins) 

9. Breakin’ Up Someone’s Home (A Jackson & T Matthews) 


Total running time: 47:04

The physical copy of the CD is no longer available to purchase but you can download the tracks for £8.00 + VAT) by  clicking on the button opposite.


* See the note at the bottom of the page on Downloads and VAT.

Main Street Blues - Live

Special Offer on Downloads

Buy all 3 Main Street Blues albums and get 25% off. Click on any of the Buy download buttons and you will see the offer on the album page.

Recorded at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms in 2013, this album captures the excitement of a Main Street Blues live show.


After seeing a show by the band author Ian Rankin tweeted –

Main Street Blues so tight you couldn’t slide a Rizla between them – Great gig.


Track listing:





  1. Prison Of Love

  2. Hard Luck Woman

  3. Change My Ways

  4. Lost Without You

  5. Fade To Blue

6. Woman Across The River

7. 39 Days

8. Peace Of Mind

9. Too Tired

The album is only available for download and costs £6.00 + VAT

The album is only available for download and costs £6.00 + VAT

Main Street Blues debut album

The band went into the studio in December 2011 and  produced a 6 track EP with stunning guitar from Derek and exciting keyboard solos from Ali Petrie on piano and Hammond.


The CD has a very modern feel to the music and includes a very atmospheric version of Feels Like Rain the band's most requested number and an upbeat version of Too Tired. The download includes two bonus tracks which were not on the original CD with Kirk Lothian on Hammond.


Track listing:

  1. Peace Of Mind

  2. Prison Of Love

  3. Hard Luck Woman

  4. Feels Like Rain

5. Down

6. Too Tired

7. Sitting On Top Of The World

8. When I Leave Here

The album is only available for download and costs £5.00 + VAT

* Downloads and VAT - if a physical CD is bought direct from Main Street Blues no VAT is payable. However, the European Union requires online retailers to charge VAT on digital goods sold to buyers located within the EU therefore Bandcamp who handle downloads for Main Street Blues will apply VAT to the transaction and account for it direct to HMRC.

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